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Brugnano in Palermo is a very important company in the field of collection, recovery and disposal of special and non-special waste, which operates throughout Sicily. The company history is spread over a fairly long period of time and its protagonist it’s Nicola Brugnano, owner and CEO of the company, which, since the sixties, has approached the scrap sector, acquiring with his work specific skills. The deep knowledge of the subject and the brilliant entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Nicola have made a dream possible, creating a company recognized both in Italy and abroad for the quality and reliability of the services offered. A significant improvement in the job quality took place at the beginning of the nineties, when the owner’s sons also began their fruitful collaboration within the company, which has gradually acquired important orders at national level. This was made possible also thanks to a continuous updating and adaptation with respect to the regulations in force regarding the disposal of special waste.

Brugnano’s work basis are the protection of the environment and public health, in fact the company only selects the safest and most advanced technologies, able to ensure risk-free disposal, even in the case of hazardous waste. Brugnano is aimed at public bodies, private companies, environmental consulting firms and private citizens, providing them with a series of services performed quickly and professionally. The quality and safety guarantee is supported by the ISO and OHSAS certifications in particular ISO 9001/15 and ISO 14001/15 and OHSAS 18001/07, by the regular authorizations for waste storage and transportation, according to the standards required by law. As regards the collection and disposal of used batteries, Brugnano is currently affiliated with COBAT, the consortium that ensures the best quality standards in the management of this type of waste. The authorization for the recovery of fluorescent tubes and light sources comes, instead, from the ECOLIGHT consortium, which guarantees the correct disposal.

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