Vehicle cancellation

Brugnano offers an efficient service of vehicle cancellation in Palermo, an operation that consists in the radiation of the vehicle from the Public Vehicle Register. This elimination exempts the owner of the vehicle from the payment of the car tax and usually corresponds to the end of the life cycle of the car, at least on Italian territory. The company also deals with the procedure of car scrapping, trucks and trailers, also managing all the bureaucratic procedures arising from the demolition of the vehicle and its cancellation from the public vehicle registration.

The demolition of a vehicle involves its physical destruction and, consequently, the need to dispose of its components. Car wrecks are highly polluting elements and their disposal is subject to a very precise regulation: anyone wishing to demolish a vehicle must hand it over to an authorised centre. Brugnano takes care of the recovery of scrap, some of which will be destined for disposal, while others for recycling: they will, in fact, be delivered to steel mills and other industries operating in the metallurgical sector, which will then be able to put them back into the production cycle. Once the vehicle has been scrapped, the company hands over to the car owner the appropriate certification containing all his data, the registration number and the commitment to provide for the cancellation from the Public Register.

The cancellation of vehicles from the public register, involves, for the owner of the vehicle, the exemption from all civil, criminal and administrative liability. The whole procedure must be carried out before the expiry of the car tax, otherwise it must be paid. Furthermore, it is mandatory to inform the Public Vehicle Register of the vehicle scrapping within 60 days from the date of the operation. To proceed with the cancellation, Brugnano asks the owner of the vehicle for the registration number, the registration certificate and the certificate of ownership to be presented to the register.

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